Valhalla Canyon

Slot canyon with river flowing through River flowing through Valhalla Canyon Image of river flowing through slot canyon

Photos by Mike Malone


The Mt. Jefferson Slot Canyon, known unofficially as Valhalla Canyon, was located in 2010, when a firefighter first spotted it while flying a helicopter on a fire assignment. However, it took three expeditions over four years to locate the canyon on foot.

The Mt. Jefferson Slot Canyon is a newly documented slot canyon within the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. The area is extremely remote and undeveloped – there are no trails to the canyon and it remains a pristine, untrammeled section of Wilderness.


Safety First

Due to the elevation, the canyon is under snow in winter. In spring, it may also be inaccessible due to snow melt and high water. Even under the best circumstances, the rugged terrain and dense canopy, as well as the falling debris, water flows, and steep canyon walls, make it an extremely dangerous place to reach. 

Visitors interested in a Wilderness experience are encouraged to tackle the 190 miles of established trails in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Visitors interested in viewing a similar geologic feature are encouraged to explore the Oneonta Gorge or trek the South Breitenbush Gorge Trail, which provides access to an overlook of the Breitenbush Gorge.


Do Your Part

Everyone visiting public lands are asked to practice Leave No Trace principles. Visit to learn about Wilderness areas.

For more information about Valhalla Slot Canyon please contact the Detroit Ranger District at (503) 854-3366.


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