Jefferson Park Designated Campsite Reservations

A trail with hikers through Jefferson Park - Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

Between 2012 and 2014, Jefferson Park saw a 67% increase in the number of day hikers and a 41% increase in the number of overnight visitors between Memorial Day and October 31. In 2016, the Willamette National Forest implemented a campsite reservation system in Jefferson Park within the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. The reservations were implemented in response to concerns about the high number of visitors and the associated impacts.

The reservation system intended to reduce resource impacts to this special area and prevent the use and construction of non-designated campsites. Unfortunately, reserved sites often went unoccupied and visitors continued to create new impacts across the area. In light of these unintended outcomes, the Willamette has decided to discontinue the reservation system for the Jefferson Park area at this time.

To address these issues and impacts to other popular Wilderness areas, the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests are kicking off a public planning process in 2017. Through this process, we will be better able to protect these areas and preserve the wilderness experience for you and for future generations.

Protect the Area By Practicing Leave No Trace Principles!

Even without a designated campsite reservation systems, the best campsites are found not made. Jefferson Park’s subalpine ecosystem is very fragile and takes decades of recovery once damaged because of the harsh climate and short growing season. When making a campsite selection, never camp on vegetation - select a pre-existing hardened campsite. If camping within 250 feet of any of the lakes in Jefferson Park you must camp within a designated site (Forest Order 18-2014-04-05).