Forest Managers from Government of Indonesia Visit Oregon

McKenzie Bridge, OR – On July 26, high level officials from the Government of Indonesia concluded a one-week, hands-on tour to learn how U.S. Forest Service specialists participate in collaboratives with partners to manage forests for “the greatest good.”   This trip directly supports our agency’s strategic goal of applying knowledge globally.

The Governor from the Province of Aceh, Island of Sumatra, Director of Human Resources for the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF), a specialist from U.S. Agency for International Development in Indonesia (USAID), specialists from the ministry and provincial forestry offices, met with U.S. Forest Service officials including the Director of the Pacific Northwest Research Station,  Deputy Regional Foresters,  PNW Research Station scientists, and forest supervisors and staff from the Willamette and Siuslaw National Forests, NGO staff, and staff from the Eugene Water and Electric Board to learn how forest managers collaborate with partners and scientists as an integral part of U.S. forest management.


Officials from Government of Indonesia stand beside USFS employees.

High level officials from the Government of Indonesia stand alongside managers from the Willamette National Forest in an active floodplain restoration site within the south fork of the McKenzie River watershed.

Johan Hogervorst

Willamette National Forest Hydrologist, Johan Hogervorst, shares the plans of working with partners to reopen a historic floodplain as part of an innovative river restoration project on the south fork of the McKenzie River.  This type of innovative project has been replicated 20 times across Oregon.

Stephanie Mann and Jon Erickson

Stephanie Mann from the U.S. Forest Service International Programs (IP) looks on at an active timber sale alongside McKenzie River Recreation Manager, Jon Erickson.


Throughout the week, representatives of the Government of Indonesia, toured the Pacific Northwest Regional Office, Pacific Northwest Research Station, and came out to the Willamette National Forest to visit the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, an active timber sale on the McKenzie River Ranger District, and a river floodplain restoration project.  The goal was to showcase the essential role science plays in land management decisions, assessment, monitoring and program evaluation, and the key role partners play in successful projects. Conversations occurred on how collaboration with stakeholders and partners, through watershed councils for example, is an integral aspect of decision making, project execution and monitoring.  Finally, managers from both countries discussed how managing the workforce requires effective leadership, communication, performance management, oversight, employee development and accountability processes.

The primary sponsorship for the U.S. Forest Service interface in Indonesia is with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry is through its Forest Research and Development Agency (FORDA). USAID is an essential partner with the USFS in supporting the Indonesia program. 


Galen Anderson, McKenzie River Timber Sale Administer, describes how timber sales are implemented.

Galen Anderson, McKenzie River Timber Sale Administer, describes how timber sales are implemented and monitored.