4FRI Includes the Entire Suite of Restoration Efforts

The 4 Forest Restoration Initiative is commonly associated with the task orders included in the Phase 1 Stewardship Contract (held by Good Earth Power AZ LLC), but 4FRI isn't just a stewardship contract. In fact, it isn't even just about thinning.

4FRI is a broad initiative that covers, in addition to the Phase 1 Contract Task Orders, the project area of the 1st 4FRI environmental impact statement (EIS), as well as numerous other restoration efforts that continue to be implemented across its four forests. All kinds of restoration work, as well as thinning and prescribed burning, are included in 4FRI, such as:

  • wildlife habitat improvement
  • grassland restoration
  • watershed maintenance
  • spring restoration
  • stream channel restoration
  • trail and road maintenance
  • road decommissioning

Implementation of these projects involves Forest Service crews, volunteers and partners, smaller-scale thinning contracts, and large stewardship contracts (e.g., the White Mountain and Phase 1 Stewardship Contracts).

We have developed a 4FRI Flowchart and a one-page description of 4FRI to answer the question "What is 4FRI?"

ALL of these efforts combined make up the largest landscape-level collaborative restoration project in Forest Service history.

 4FRI is the entire suite of restoration efforts