Be Bear Aware

Bear sightings and activity seems to be increasing this year. Be aware of bears and follow these safety recommendations.

Keep a clean campsite. Store food and garbage out of sight and in closed vehicles.

Never put food scraps or litter in the campfire; it attracts bears and skunks.

Don't keep food, medicine, chap stick, shampoo - Anything that smells - in tents or sleeping areas

Store stoves, barbeques, and dutch ovens in a vehicle or secure place when not using. Do not pour used cooking oil or food remnants on the ground.

When camping in the back country hang food and garbage from a tree limb, at least 10 feet from the ground and 5 feet from the tree trunk. This tree should be at least 100 yards from your sleeping area.

Some bears also target motor oil, insect repellant, liquor and other things that look like food. Make sure you put these items away.

Remember: Never feed a bear. A fed bear is a dead bear.