Firewood and Other Forest Products

Forest Product Permits will be available for purchase beginning in May 2024 for the 2024-2025 season. Permits will only be sold via email and phone.

A permit for forest product collection must be issued before harvesting any firewood, transplants, post and poles, mushrooms, and other forest products; except for the small amounts used for campfires or gathered casually while visiting the forests and grassland and categorized as “incidental use.”  


Steps to Getting a Permit    Harvest Locations    When to Harvest     Available Products     Permit Conditions & Removal Request Documents   

Steps to get a Firewood and Other Forest Product Permit:

1. Select the appropriate Permit Conditions & Removal Request Document below.

2. Save the document to your digital files.

3. Fill out and sign documents (signatures are required on first and last page) then email to

4. Wait for Forest Service staff to call for payment.

5. You will recieve an email with your offical permit containing a Forest Service staff signature.

6. Print and sign your permit.

7. Carry the permit with you. As you harvest, fill out the "Product Quantity Removal Record" section located on the paper permit. 

Where to Harvest

Permits are organized by Ranger District. See Where to Harvest.


When to Harvest 

  • Forest Product Permits are available for purchase mid-spring to mid-fall (generally beginning in May and ending November 15th). This coincides with the open season for majority of the Forest Service roads and access points across the forest (June 15 – November 15).

  • A permit purchased during the purchasing season may be used until April 30th, 2025. If you plan on transplanting during the early spring (before April 30th), please purchase a transplant permit now, while they are available for purchase.

  • Please purchase and use fuelwood permits early in the summer season, before the fall fuelwood rush!

Types of Products & Associated Fees Per District

The cost of a permit varies according to the product, type of wood to be harvested and the district (Boulder, Canyon Lakes, Clear Creek, Sulphur) it is harvested on. The definition of a "cord" of wood is: a well-stacked pile 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet high.

Personal Use Permit Details:

2023 Forest Products For Sale

Permit Conditions & Removal Request Documents

The following documents outline rules and restrictions associated with collection of various forest products for each ranger district. Select the permit document that applies to the resource you will be collecting.

Fuelwood Permit Conditions & Removal Request For All Ranger Districts

Transplant Permit Conditions & Removal Request For All Ranger Districts

Mushroom Collection Permit Conditions & Removal Request For All Ranger Districts

Post and Pole Permit Conditions & Removal Request For Sulphur Ranger District

Not all dead wood is fair game

  • Trimming dead limbs from live trees is not permitted on the forest, and standing dead trees may only be cut if they meet specific standards. Before cutting any dead tree check it carefully for signs of wildlife habitation.