Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers are an essential element of National Forests throughout the nation. They help maintain trails, serve as hosts for campgrounds, answer phones, greet visitors, take photos, plant trees, present environmental programs, and perform many other valuable services. They perform a variety of jobs ranging from office work to vigorous physical outdoor labor. Without volunteers, these services may not be performed as well or might not be carried out at all.

Here on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs) one of those volunteers was Justin Kiloran of Mesa, Arizona. He came here to gain an understanding of the type of work the Forest Service does. He felt volunteering would give him that knowledge and help him decide what career path he wanted to follow. Kiloran affirmed, “I’m definitely going to pursue a career in natural resources”.

During the 40 hours of volunteering, he assisted with grooming trails, cleaning restrooms, Boy Scout Klondike Derby, clearing snow, and repairing and replacing signs. “The experience was awesome” Kiloran stated, “especially grooming of the ski trails, and I would do it all again anytime”.

Justin preparing to groom a trail