About the Forest

Our Mission

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service

The Forest Service has the Federal responsibility for national leadership in forestry. Its mission is to provide a continuing flow of natural resource goods and services to help meet the needs of the Nation and to contribute to the needs of the international community. To accomplish this, it has adopted the following objectives:

  • Provide a sustained flow of renewable resources--outdoor recreation, forage, wood, water, wilderness, wildlife, and fish--in a combination that best meets the needs of society now and in the future

  • Administer the nonrenewable resources of the National Forest System to help meet the Nation's needs for energy and mineral resources;

  • Promote a healthy and productive environment for the Nation's forests and rangelands;

  • Develop and make available scientific and technological capabilities to advance renewable natural resource management, use, and protection; and

  • Further natural resource conservation through cooperation with other Federal agencies and State and local government.

Meeting this mission requires the Forest Service to constantly balance the many uses and needs of the people and the Forest. The following questions help to illustrate how the Forest Service meets these wide ranging uses and needs.


Bighorn National Forest

The Bighorn National Forest has adopted the following objectives in an effort to better serve the natural resources and people involved in the forest, while adhering to federal guidelines and policies:

  • Assume and perform a leading role in quality, professional resource management

  • Gain mutual understanding, respect and support of those we serve

  • Be innovative, receptive and responsive to change

  • Promote the personal and professional well-being of employees

  • Recognize the challenge of performing our basic work while valuing our traditions and constantly challenging traditional methods