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Lucky Peak Nursery 

Lucky Peak Nursery (LPN), a unit of the Boise NF, is the seedling production and seed processing facility for the Intermountain Region (R4). The LPN was established in 1960 to meet the reforestation needs of the National Forests in southern Idaho, Utah, Nevada and western Wyoming.


The mission of the LPN has evolved from producing simply bareroot, to now mostly containerized stock conifers for R4 reforestation.  LPN now has a 32,000-sqare-foot greenhouse capable of growing a million and a half containerized plants.  Annual seedling production is a function of the reforestation demands. 


Lucky Peak Nursery is next to Lucky Peak Reservoir


The Nursery now includes producing a wide variety of plant species and stock types for various government agencies in the Great Basin, including the US Department of Defense, US Fish and Wildlife Service, BLM, and the Idaho Department of Fish & Game. These native plants are used for restoration projects such as mountain meadow restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, mine reclamation, riparian steambank restoration, and reforestation. These plantings will accelerate the recovery of affected sites to their natural condition.


Since 1999, the LPN has been producing native forb and grass seed for various government clients.   Currently, the LPN has over 20 species of native forbs and grass under cultivation.   Complex native seed mixes will be used to hasten restoration on projects such as right-of-ways along federal highways that bisect National Forest-administered lands.


Lucky Peak Nursery - aerial view


The LPN actively communicates with the general public, government agencies, and foreign officials through tours, workshops and formal presentations.   LPN personnel have completed overseas assignments through USAID, providing technical assistance to foreign government agencies.   In addition, the LPN has an active conservation education program that offers interpretive tours of the facility and its surrounding ecosystem to over 1500 local school-aged children annually.


Lucky Peak Nursery is located 18 miles east of the city of Boise and 23 miles south of Idaho City.  It is located right along Lucky Peak Reservoir on Highway 21. Boise is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Idaho with a population of 205,671.  Climate is semi-arid with hot dry summers and cold winters.  There are many recreation opportunities and a lively downtown.  Idaho City is a small historical town with a population of about 500.  Climate is continental with cold snowy winters and hot dry summers.