Fishing Opportunities

Fishing Opportunities


Portage Valley:

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Rainbow trout are stocked in Alder, Willow and Tangle Ponds in the Portage Valley.  Accessible Fishing Piers are available at both Alder Pond and Moose Flats Day Use Area (Willow Pond). Fishing for rainbow trout can be excellent throughout the year but is especially good in June and July.

Prince William Sound:

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Area Species Present Timing
Pigot Point Coho Salmon Late-July - September
Coghill River Coho Salmon Mid – August - late September
  Sockeye Salmon Early-July – early-August
Jackpot River Coho Salmon August - September
  Sockeye Salmon Mid–July – late-August
  Dolly Varden Early-April - September
  Pink Salmon Late-July – late-August
Shrode River Coho Salmon September
  Pink Salmon Late-July – late-August
  Sockeye Salmon Early-July – early-August
Eshamy Lagoon Sockeye Salmon Mid-July – late-August
Main Bay Chum Salmon Mid-June
  Sockeye Salmon Late-July – late-August
Culross Passage Rainbow Trout All year
“Blueberry Lake” Rainbow Trout All year


Turnagain Arm Rivers:

Body of Water Species Present Timing
Twenty Mile River Coho Salmon July, August, September
  Sockeye Salmon June, July, August
  Chum Salmon July, August
  Pink Salmon July, August
  Dolly Varden All Year
  Hooligan (Eulachon) April, May, June
Placer River Coho Salmon July, August, September
  Sockeye Salmon July, August
Portage Creek Coho Salmon August, September, October
  Sockeye Salmon July, August
  Chum Salmon July, August
Ingram Creek Pink Salmon July, August

What is a Eulachon / Hooligan?Eulachon

Eulachon, a member of the smelt family, is a small fish that returns from the ocean each spring to spawn in the glacial waters of the Twenty-Mile River. It has the highest fat content of any fish known, thus making it important as a food source for whales, birds, other fish, and humans. Despite its importance, we understand little of its ecology.

The fishery for Eulachon is open to any Alaskan resident possessing a current Alaska fishing license. Non-residents cannot participate in any way regardless of whether or not they possess a license.

Fishing for Hooligan is accomplished with long handled dip-nets used along the banks of Turnagain Arm and the Twenty-Mile River. The Hooligan run usually occurs from late-April through early-July, with the run peaking in late-May – early-June. The season closes in fresh water after June 15th.