Birding on the Seward Ranger District

Birds of Seward, Alaska
Mile 18 Seward Highway, Resurrection Bay and the Chiswell Islands
A Checklist -- March 12, 2001 -- Second Edition

Definitions of Species Status Terminology


Abundant. Species occurs repeatedly in proper habitats, with available habitat heavily utilized, and/or the region regularly hosts great numbers of the species.


Common. Species occurs in all or nearly all proper habitats, but some areas of presumed suitable habitats are occupied sparsely or not at all and/or the region regularly hosts large numbers of the species.


Uncommon. Species occurs regularly, but utilizes only some or very little of the suitable habitat, and/or the region regularly hosts relatively small numbers of the species; not observed regularly even in proper habitats.


Rare. Species occurs, or probably occurs, regularly within the region, but in very small numbers.


Casual. Species has been recorded no more than a few times, but irregular observations are likely over a period of years.


Accidental. A species so far from its normal range that further observations are unlikely; usually occurs singly.

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No Records.  Species is not found during this time.


Definitions are from B. Kessel and D.D. Gibson. 1978. 
Status and distribution of Alaska birds. Studies in Avian Biology No. 1 Cooper Ornithological Society.

Phylogenetic sequence and English names according to James F. Clements Birds of the World - a Checklist. Fourth Edition



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Grebes, Shearwaters, Storm-Petrels & Cormorants


Ducks, Swans & Geese


Herons, Osprey, Hawks, Eagles, Falcons & Grouse


Cranes & Sandpipers


Oyster Catchers, Plovers, Gulls, Terns & Jaegers


Auks, Alcids, Loons, Pigeons, Doves & Owls


Hummingbirds, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Tyrant Flycatchers, Crows, Jays & Shrikes


Waxwings, Dippers, Thrushes, Starlings, Nuthatches, Creepers & Wrens


Swallows, Kinglets, Chickadees, Larks, Pipits, Siskins, Crossbills & Allies


New World Warblers, Buntings, Sparrows, Allies & Blackbirds


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