Travel aids: Helpful Companions to the MVUM

The MVUM's large physical size could make it difficult to handle or refer to while traveling, and some motorists have found that the MVUM's small map scale and spare cartographic design make it difficult to locate themselves with confidence along the roads and trails and within the areas that it portrays.

In response to these concerns, a number of national forests have developed GPS-enabled travel maps for smartphones, tablets, and Garmin GPS devices, designed to help motorists locate their position along designated roads and trails, within motorized cross-country travel areas, and relative to motorized dispersed camping corridors.

The road, trail, and area designations depicted on these travel maps are identical to the road, trail, and area designations depicted on the MVUMs. However, these travel maps are not the official MVUM, and should be used as a supplement to, not a substitute for, the MVUM.

Travel Maps for Mobile Devices

Type of Device Instructions Download Maps

Mobile devices

Smartphones or tablets running Android OS 4.1+

iPhone or iPad running Apple iOS 7.1+

Mobile device instructions

PDF, 130 kB

Travel Map
for mobile devices

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