Job Opportunities

Photo: Forestry Technicians (Trails) doing trail improvements at a stream crossing.Photo: Biological Technician (Fisheries) measuring pool depth during a stream survey.Photo: Forestry Technicians (Fire) igniting a prescribed burn.Photo: Biological Technicians (Fisheries) measuring fish during a survey.Photo: Forestry Technician (Sale Preparation) inspecting a commercial harvest thinning project.Photo: Biological Technician (Fisheries) performing a fish survey.Photo: Forestry Technicians (Fire) finishing up a prescribed burn at night.Photo: Biological Technicians (Fisheries) counting trout during a fish survey.Photo: Forestry Technician (Silviculture) recording timber stand measurements.Photo: Biological Technician (Fisheries) taking a moment to enjoy the view.Photo: Forestry Technician (Silviculture) flagging timber stand measurement locations.