Camping Restrictions in the Cohutta Wilderness

Due to very heavy use and impacts in the vicinity of the area known as Beech Bottoms in the Cohutta Wilderness, changes to past camping practices were implemented in November of 2006. See more details in our May 2006 news release.

Camping is allowed in the Beech Bottoms area only in six designated camp sites from November 1 through March 31. Camping in the Beech Bottoms area is not allowed at all from April 1 throught October 31. These campsites are located near white blazes along the trail. A metal fence post designates the center of the campsite, you must stay within 25’ of the post. Campfires are banned year-round. Read the Forest Supervisor's Order and the accompanying map.

[Photo] White paint on a tree marks the location of a designated campsite in the Beech Bottoms area of the Cohutta Wilderness.
A white blaze indicates the location of a designated campsite.
[Photo] Wildnernss Ranger, Mike Davis, kneels  next to a metal fence post as he checks the location with a GPS receiver.
Center of designated campsite marked by a metal fence post.


Designated Campsite Locations
Latitude North Longitude West
1. 34° 58' 35" 84° 34' 06"
2. 34° 58' 26" 84° 34' 02"
3. 34° 58' 13" 84° 34' 00"
4. 34° 58' 11" 84° 33' 58"
5. 34° 58' 08" 84° 33' 54"
6. 34° 58' 08" 84° 33' 51"

You can also map these locations in Google Earth. Download and open the Beech Bottoms Campsites.kmz file.