About Conservation Education

Center for Design and Interpretation (USFS)

The Rocky Mountain Region's Center for Design and Interpretation (CDI) is a full-service team bringing together the design disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Interpretive Planning and Graphic Illustration to meet your needs. CDI's multi-disciplinary team is capable of taking your project from concept through implementation. We take a holistic approach to site development, fully integrating interpretive planning and facility design within our sustainable solutions.

CDI's mission is to provide high quality services that conserve resources, provide for public enjoyment and education, and are flexible and responsive to forest management. CDI employees will serve Districts and Forests as a trusted ally, providing creative ideas and alternatives to best meet their needs.

CDI has developed a thorough guide to conducting integrated interpretive services and conservation education plans. Go to their website for resources, and recent examples of completed plans.