Conferences & Meetings

Conferences & Meetings

Kids hugging logged tree in Cordova, Alaska -- photo by USFS Kim Kiml

Nearly 60 years ago in Madison Wisconsin, Aldo Leopold articulated the concept of a land ethic in his classic book, A Sand County Almanac. Today, Richard Louv, in his book Last Child in the Woods, calls our attention to the fact that young people are losing their connection with nature. We chose Madison in 2007 for our conference to gain inspiration for nurturing a land ethic, by getting kids learning outside.

"Kids Outside -- Nurturing a Land Ethic"   A CE Gathering in April 2007

What was the "Kids Outside" Conference All About?

From April 10-12, 2007 educators from throughout the Forest Serivce, and our valued partners, gathered in Madison for three-days of networking, skill-building and inspiration. This was the first national FS education gathering since the 2004 St. George conference. Building off renewed commitment to education's role in the Forest Service, the conference provided a chance for us to gain inspiration from each other, and re-invigorate our progams at home.

Why Did Folks Attend?

The conference provided networking opportunities with our partners, training for participants, and the opportunity to share the new Forest Service's Strategic Plan for conservation education. Conference sessions addressed education trends, making science engaging and relevant, getting kids in the woods, by creating hope, not fear, about the need to connect to the natural world.

Who Attended?

The conference was for any Forest Service employee who is responsible for conservation education activities in their unit or who has a passion for reaching out to children. Forest Service folks from public affairs fields, fisheries and wildlife disciplines, recreation professions, and others attended this ground-breaking conference. Forest Service partners were also warmly welcomed to the conference and received personal invitations from the conference organizers. More than 130 people attended the conference, with nearly one-half of the attendance from our valued partners.

It was an energy-filled three-days!

If you were unable to join us in Madison - or would like to access the presentations and materials presented at the conference, visit the 'post-conference' Web site at the link below.

Go to the post-conference website for presentations, streaming video, materials, photos and more!

Plans for Future Gatherings

The CE program is currently planning for a second CE gathering in 2010.  Please check here for information as it becomes available.