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group of teens enjoying nature - photo USFS Steve Kozlowski 

Forging partnerships is critical to our program's success. In a myriad of ways, we reach out to partners--working with teachers, with tourism providers, with private, non-profit organizations, and with other agencies.

Building partnerships should be a normal part of how you do business. Partnerships are about more than just earning grants -- they're about an attitude of working in collaboration with all who care about National Forests.

This section of the website highlights both partnership tools, and highlights some of our wonderful partnership programs. Surf around and see what might be of use -- and be sure to share your success stories here!

Partnership Resource Center

PRC logo and link to resource centerBe sure to visit the excellent Partnership Resource Center (PRC) sponsored by the National Forest Foundation and the Forest Service. This is your one-stop shopping site for ALL information about Partnerships.

REMEMBER -- Partnerships are bound by administrative and legal regulations. Before you embark on any relationship where you are exchanging "things of value", be sure to work closely with your Forest Service partner and their Grants and Agreements staff. The only thing worse than NOT doing a partnership is doing one illegally!!!