Ecosystem Matters


Forest environment with light striking leavesEcosystem Matters is an interdisciplinary conservation education curriculum developed by Region 2 of the US Forest Service in 1995. It is jampacked with a range of excellent, hands-on lesson plans. Instructional activities within Ecosystem Matters are designed for easy use by both educators and resource managers. Classroom teachers, scout leaders, nature camp instructors, forest rangers, naturalists, and others will all find the activities relevant, fun, quick-to-prepare, and user-friendly.

Ecosystem Matters activities are designed to be supplemental to existing courses and programs. Each activity is designed to stand alone without other Ecosystem Matters activities. There is no need to do all of the activities in order, nor do all the of the activities, even for a given grade level. Instructors may choose to use a few activites as part of their study or use all of the activities to serve as the basis for a unit on ecosystem management. Each activitity can also be used to teach required concepts and skills while teaching children about ecosystems and how they are managed.


Ecosystem Matters Curriculum

The following links provide the Ecosystem Matters curriculum in bite-sized pieces, organized by grade level. Documents listed below are all in PDF format.

Entire Curriculum


Middle School

High School