Why Green Schools?

One in five people who live in the United States—55 million children, teachers, administrators, nurses and janitors—spend their days in K–12 schools. Schools can, and should, provide a healthy environment for students and staff, promote sustainable practices, and teach students to be responsible stewards of their community, the earth and its resources.

What is a Green School?

A Green School integrates and uses clean conservation practices on school grounds, and creates a healthier, happier, and smarter student body. Greening a school is done on a school-wide basis, by the teachers and students themselves. Through hands-on service learning activities, 5 investigations guide students and teachers through actions that address academic standards and institute long-term changes to improve the health of the school, often while saving money!  Click here to read more about a model GreenSchool in South Carolina.

What are the components of the GreenSchools Program?

Click here for a complete list of GreenSchools! program components.

How Do We Start?


It takes five steps to become a PLT GreenSchool!:

  1. Get PLT Training:

  2. Form a PLT GreenSchools! Team:

  3. Complete PLT GreenSchools! Investigations
  4. Take Action to Improve Your School’s Environment
  5. Share Your Results, Celebrate Success!

While any teacher can use the investigations, to be recognized as a ‘Green School,” you need complete all five of PLT's GreenSchools! Investigations.

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