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Woodsy Owl's ABCs


Woodsy owl readingSongs to sing with children in class, in the home, and in nonformal educational settings.

Performed by the Arlington Children's Chorus.





1. The Ballad of Woodsy Owl

 Written by Marion Bartoo. Arranged by Jeff Conrad, Dave Kimber, and Bob Pelli.

Listen/download -- Lyrics

2. Help Woodsy Spread the Word

Words and Music by Woodsy Owl.

Listen/download -- Lyrics

3. Rubbish Rot Rap

Listen/download -- Lyrics

4. Woodsy Owl

Written by Gerard McMahon. Arranged by Sheila Epstein.

Listen/download -- Lyrics

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  • The Woodsy Owl's ABCs book and other Woodsy Owl educational products are available at www.symbols.gov.


floating woodsy transparentLyrics

1. The Ballad Of Woodsy Owl

Smokey Bear has got a pal who is always on the prowl. Woodsy is his name you know, he’s the anti-pollution owl.

Woodsy Owl has got a home on the big branch of a tree. When he looks from left to right, town and forest he can see.

Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute  your good outdoor manners show. Leave a trail that’s nice and clean where ever you may go.

Give a Hoot, Don’t pollute, Woodsy Owl knows what is best. Help him check pollution in the North, South, East and West.

Woodsy’s eyes are wide alert and his Hooter goes Hoot-Hoot. Giving out a warning sound when he sees things that pollute.

This great country is our own and it’s up to us to care. Woodsy Owl will lead the way so come on let’s do our share.

(repeat chorus)

2. Help Woodsy Spread the Word

Help Woodsy spread the word, never be a dirty bird. No matter where you go, you can let some people know to Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute, never be a dirty bird. In the snow or on the sand, help keep America looking grand

Help Woodsy spread the word, never be a dirty bird. No matter where you go, you can let some people know to Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute, never be a dirty bird. In the city or in the woods, help keep America looking good. 

3. Rubbish Rot Rap

Here we go with an owl rap About taking some garbage off of the map.

The trash from your breakfast yesterday

Can turn into plant food the Woodsy Way!

It’s a compost thing, it’s the Rubbish Rot!

You think it’s garbage but it’s not.

Coffee grounds, eggshells, add some dirt. Put in a few earthworms wouldn’t hurt! Stir it gently with a wooden spoon, while we rock some more of my garbage tune!


Kids love ripe bananas, they taste so sweet! Let’s add those peels to our rotten treat. Pour in a little water, put the bucket outside and in six weeks, look inside!


All the yuck and muck has gone away. What’s left is plant food nature’s way!

Our rubbish rap is about to end. But you know how garbage can grow food again. 

4. Woodsy Owl

Woodsy Owl’s gonna help us see. Look all around look what we can be.

Open up your eyes, caring for the land that is yours and mine.

Open up your eyes, come lend a hand. Care for the land!