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About CE - Organization

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The Washington Office CE staff provides agency-wide leadership for a renewed focus on conservation education reflecting themes of sustainability of natural and cultural resources in forest, grassland, and aquatic ecosystems, and awareness and understanding of interrelationships in natural systems and between people and the land.

In 1999, the Conservation Education staff group was established within the State and Private Forestry Deputy Area of the Forest Service to better support Forest Service efforts in conservation education, including use of the Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl symbols.

Washington Office - CE Staff

Mailing Address
USDA Forest Service - Conservation Education
1400 Independence Ave, SW
Stop Code: 1147
Washington, DC 20250-1147

Shipping Address for UPS & Fedex

201 14th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20024

Phone - 202-205-5681


  • Michiko Martin, Director
    Tel: (202) 205 - 1241 E-mail: michikojmartin@fs.fed.us
  • Heidi McAllister, Assistant Director
    Tel: (202) 205 - 1781 E-mail: hmcallister@fs.fed.us
  • Marchelle Roberts, Administrative Assistant
    Tel: (202) 205 - 5681 E-mail: mroberts@fs.fed.us
  • Iris Vėlez, National Symbols Program Manager
    Tel: (202) 205 - 0991 E-mail: ivelez@fs.fed.us
  • Sue Cummings, Education Specialist
    Tel: (202) 205 - 0986 E-mail: scummings@fs.fed.us
  • vacant, Education Specialist
    Tel: (202) 401 - 4068 E-mail:
  • vacant, Program Specialist
    Tel: (202) 401 - 4067 E-mail:
  • Amtchat Edwards, Education Specialist
    Tel: (202) 205 - 3761 E-mail: mkedwards@fs.fed.us

Region, Station and Area Conservation Education Coordinators

Region, Station and Area Conservation Education Coordinators