Junior Forest Ranger

Junior Snow Ranger

Junior Snow Ranger Cover

The Junior Snow Ranger program is designed for children in the 4th and 5th grade.  Outdoor and indoor activities are included in a colorful publication that highlights themes such as safety, wildlife, winter ecology, recreation, and the joy of winter fun.  The program mission is to inspire youth to embrace a life-long relationship with the winter environment, and to become stewards of the land. 

The activity book highlights the role of a real snow ranger, the use of rescue dogs, and the continued importance of wildfire prevention during the winter.  In addition, it teaches kids how to make their own snowshoes, similar to those that were once used in some Native American cultures.

Junior Forest Ranger

The Junior Forest Ranger (JFR) program is an exciting way for young people to explore their national forests and grasslands.  The JFR program uses Forest Service science and practices to encourage children 7 through 13 to enjoy and appreciate nature. JFR motivates children to explore the natural and cultural world, and embrace their responsibility to it.

The JFR Booklet is the main part of the program. The 16-page adventure guide is packed with engaging and educational activities about our national forests and grasslands. After they complete the activities in the adventure guide, the child sends in the completion certifcate and is registered as a new Junior Forest Ranger. The new Ranger will receive an embroidered badge, a pin, an oath card, and a Junior Forest Ranger card. The JFR card will have a number that allows the new Junior Forest Rangers to access the web-based JFR Clubhouse.

Guardabosques Juvenil

Spanish Junior Ranger coverThe Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide is also available in Spanish!  Click here to view the Spanish-language Adventure Guide.

Junior Forest Ranger Web Site

The Junior Forest Ranger Web site is another important part of the program. The JFR Web site is designed for kids, parents and teachers. It is a great place to find activities, more information about our national forests and grasslands, and links to other Web sites. The Clubhouse is a special part of the Web site—just for Junior Forest Rangers. Only JFRs, with their special access code, can enter the Clubhouse. Within the Clubhouse, JFRs will find new activities and materials that will help them continue to explore, and take care of, their public lands.



Becoming a Junior Forest Ranger

  • Download the Adventure Guide, and print at home (23 MBs .pdf). Visit the Junior Forest Ranger website to download individual pages of the guide.
  • Teachers and youth leaders can order JFR Adventure Guides free, for their class. Download and complete the order form (doc) or visit the JFR Web site to e-mail a request for free Adventure Guides.
  • Land managers and their partners can purchase large quantities of the Adventure Guide through the National Symbols Cache.