About the Forest

Forest Ownership Pattern

Forest SignVisitors to the forest may pass a roadway sign that says "Entering the Daniel Boone National Forest." Once beyond this sign, someone may assume that all the area they are passing through is national forest system land. This is often not the case. The Daniel Boone National Forest consists of nearly 708,000 acres within a 2.1-million acre boundary, which is indicated on the map below in green. Ownership is highly fragmented with private lands, and visitors often travel in and out of national forest land while on a road, lake, river, or trail.

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Note: This map only provides a general indication of approximate ownership patterns. To determine ownership of a particular area, topographical maps are more helpful. For the most accurate, up-to-date ownership of a specific area, each district office has a Land Status Atlas accessible to the public.

Forest Ownership Map

Forest Ownership map, pdf