The Dixie National Forest Solicits Campground Concessionaire

One SUP will be issued for developed sites located on the Pine Valley, Cedar City, Powell, and Escalante Ranger Districts. The Dixie will likely issue the SUP in November 2018, with the intention of the successful applicant beginning operations during the 2019 recreation season.

The SUP will be issued for the following sites:

Pine Valley Ranger District:
Honeycomb Rocks Campground, Pine Valley Recreation Area: Crackfoot Campground, Dean Gardner Campground, Ebenezer Bryce Campground, Effie Beckstrom Campground, Equestrian Campground, Mitt Moody Campground, Yellow Pine Campground, Thomas Forsyth Group Area, Nancy Courtney Amphitheater, 17 Day Use/Picnic Areas, and Four-Mile Bench Trailer Dump Station and Sewer Lagoon.

Cedar City Ranger District:
Deer Haven Campground, Duck Creek Campground, Navajo Lake Campground, Panguitch Lake North Campground, Panguitch Lake South Campground, Spruces Campground, Te-ah Campground, White Bridge Campground, and Yankee Meadow Campground.

Powell Ranger District:
Coyote Hollow Campground, Kings Creek Campground, and Red Canyon Campground.

Escalante Ranger District:
Barker Recreation Area, Pine Lake Campground, and Posey Lake Campground.

Prospective applicants can find details about the application process by reviewing the Prospectus for Campground and Related Granger-Thye Concessions documents posted on the Forest website at or by contacting Kevin Wright, Public Service Staff Officer, at (435) 865-3741.

Applicants must submit the required processing fee and business plan evaluation fee with each proposal submitted. The selected applicant may be responsible for the costs of preparing and issuing the permit. Additionally, the selected applicant will be required to undergo a Financial Ability Determination (FAD), unless the Forest Service has conducted a FAD for the applicant within the past year and no changes are necessary to bring it up to date.

Dixie Campground Prospectus Errata Sheet

Prospectus for Campground and Related Granger-Thye Concessions Dixie National Forest (PDF)

Appendix 1: Vicinity and Area Maps

Appendix 2: Rec Site Maps

Appendices 3-18: Inventory of Government-Furnished Property

Prospective Applicant Letter