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Pine Valley Ranger District Recognized for Accessibility Work

The Pine Valley Recreation Area is a popular destination for recreation and attracts users from southern Utah, southern Nevada and southern California. Campsites were originally constructed in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Core (CCC), to enhance recreation interest in the National Forests. Some revisions were made to the facility in the 1960’s to meet the growing need of new and larger sites. As recreationists have become more prevalent, as well as more modern and convenient vehicles, the sites no longer accommodated the general public. Campsites within the campground were originally located in very close proximity to the stream. Due to heavy use and erosion, these sites resulted in large drop-offs creating unsafe conditions for visitors. Access to the stream was difficult which produced unwanted user trails causing poor circulation and additional erosion into the stream and the Pine Valley Reservoir.

In 1998, the Pine Valley Ranger District began working toward a master plan to improve these conditions and the general recreation area. In 2010, the remodel process began and was completed in the summer of 2012.

Pine Valley Rec Area CampsiteThe individuals nominated for this award were extremely monumental in the success of this recreation area becoming one of the Forest Service’s State-of-the-Art camping facilities in the nation. All sites including campsites, restrooms, water taps, fishing sites and the Santa Clara River Walk are all ADA accessible. The campground loops are designed to accommodate large and medium sized recreation vehicles, and offers walk-in tent sites as well.



Pine Valley Rec Area Riverwalk TrailThe 3 mile paved Santa Clara River Walk parallels the Santa Clara River to the Pine Valley Reservoir, providing access to all. Along the way you will now find benches, picnic tables, and bridges with interpretive panels providing delicate clues to why this area is so attractive. These panels bring to life what the naked eye cannot see in describing the life cycles that exist within the surrounding ecosystem. This type of educational information results in a more informed and enhanced appreciation of users in the area.

Stream rehabilitation was also an extensive component to the project. Campsites that were once located along the rivers edge have been moved and rehabilitated which now provides stream access for everyone to enjoy.

The Forest Service’s accessibility work on recreation facilities improves outdoor recreation opportunities for all, including for the 57 million people with disabilities, the largest minority in the country. The agency has more than 23,000 accessible recreation units, such as campsites and picnic areas, and 8,000 accessible recreation buildings.

Making facilities more accessible to those with disabilities also supports visits by seniors, families with strollers or young children, and family groups.

Congratulations to the Pine Valley Ranger District and all individuals involved who made this project a success!

Before and After of the Ampitheater:

Pine Valley Rec Area Amphitheater







Before and After of the Groupsite:

Pine Valley Rec Area Reconstructed Groupsite