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Cattle grazingHistory

The Forest Service has undergone many changes in its management of rangelands. In the early 1800s, free forage on unclaimed public domain lands allowed the building of cattle and sheep empires. The ranges soon became over-grazed, overstocked, and overcrowded. Congress stepped in the early 1900s and designated the Forest Service as the pioneer grazing control agency. By 1906 to 1907, the Forest Service had established its system of range regulation. This includes permits, limits on herd size, grazing seasons, allotments, and rental fees. The system has served as a pattern for other agencies concerned with resource protection and the pursuit of society's goals.

Current Direction

Today, the Forest Service concentrates its efforts on managing the vegetation resources across the range landscape to serve a multitude of resource needs. Rangeland management specialists are working to provide such things as habitat for a variety of plant and animal species, clean water, and sustainable grazing and browsing. They inventory, classify, and monitor rangeland conditions to maintain or improve rangeland health. When they identify unhealthy rangelands, they strive to restore rangeland ecosystem functions. Forest Service rangeland management includes a whole host of partners, public and private, working together to make sure our rangelands are healthy and functioning properly.

Weed Free Hay Order - All Forests within the Intermountain Region (which includes the Dixie National Forest) require that all hay brought onto the Forest be certified weed free hay.  This requirement is necessary to prevent the spread of noxious weeds into a vulnerable ecosystem on National Forest System lands.

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(NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act)

Effects of Grazing - A comprehensive literature review of the effects of livestock grazing on natural resources. This document was prepared to disclose the effects of livestock grazing at proper use levels on the Dixie National Forest. (August 1995)