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The rapid expansion of off-highway vehicle (OHV) use on national forests is impacting the natural and cultural resources of federal lands and, in some cases, causing use conflicts. The Forest Service identified unmanaged recreation, especially impacts from OHVs, as one of the key threats facing the nation's forest.

OHV impacts have created unplanned roads and trails, erosion, watershed and habitat degradation, and impacted cultural resource sites.

Improved management of motor vehicle use on national forests will allow the Agency to enhance opportunities for public enjoyment of the national forests, including motorized and non-motorized recreation experiences.

California national forests are following the 2005 Travel Management Rule which has three parts:

  • Subpart A—Administration of the Forest Transportation System;
  • Subpart B—Designation of roads, trails and areas for motor vehicle use; and
  • Subpart C—Use by over-snow vehicles.

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Subpart A - Administration of the Forest Transportation System

As stated throughout the Travel Management effort (response to Subpart B), Forests would subsequently start the process that will lead to identification of the minimum road system. Travel Analysis was completed in September 2015.

Subpart B - Designation of roads, trails and areas for motor vehicle use

Routes designated in Travel Management Subpart B are included as part of the current road system. The designation of these roads was the result of considerable analysis along with public involvement in the site-specific environmental analysis using NEPA with a decision by the responsible official. These roads are part of the designated National Forest Road System.

The Eldorado National Forest is currently working on the few routes of the 42 routes that were detailed in a supplemental EIS due to concerns over meadows.

Subpart C - Use by over-snow vehicles

Subpart C provides for regulation of use of over-snow vehicles on National Forest System roads, National Forest System trails and in areas on National Forest System lands. The purpose of Subpart C is to define requirements governing designation of National Forest System roads, National Forest System trails, and areas on National Forest System to allow, restrict, or prohibit snowmobile use on a discretionary basis.