Daily Burn Day Status for Projects and Woodcutting

This page will start being updated again starting in April 2023.

This webpage is updated daily at 6 p.m. with information from the Camino Interagency Emergency Command Center.

Daily Status of Indices and Activity Levels

Actual Date:  
Predicted Date: 

Daily Project Activity Level Phone Announcement - 530 295-5699

Eldorado National Forest Actual Predicted
Burning Index (BI) Percentile (%)


Project Activity Level (PAL)    
Adjective Rating (R)    
Energy Release Component (ERC) Percentile (%) % %
Ignition Component (IC)    

Burn Day Information

BURN PERMITS ARE NOT REQUIRED.  A special permit may be required from your local Air Pollution Control District.
Status: El Dorado County: (530) 621-5897
Amador County: (209) 223-6246
Additional Information: Call the local burn day information line prior to burning.
El Dorado County - (530) 621-5897
Amador County - (209) 223-6246


The Indexes and Activity Levels serve a variety of purposes. For example Contractors need to be aware of the Project Activity Level. Woodcutters need to monitor the Sale Activity Level. Firefighters and Fuels Officers utilize the others.

The following are descriptions or links to descriptions of different Indices and Levels: