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Hiking in the Tropical Rain Forest

General Trail Information

There are currently 24 miles of recreational trails and 12 miles of administrative trails found on the EYNF. These trails are restricted to foot traffic (hiking) only. Use of horses, motorcycles or mountain bikes is not permitted on any trails. Although there are no trails that presently accommodate wheelchair traffic, there are plans for a handicapped access trail on the EYNF in the near future.

Many areas of the forest will never be used for trail development. Reasons for this policy include; protection of the primary forest and sensitive vegetation, endangered species recovery and the protection of research natural areas.

Please check-out the EYNF Recreational Trail System map below, to orient yourself to the trails, and then browse through the following “Trail Packages”. Each package includes a trail map and a trail description, with a few related pictures. You may wish to download and bring along some of these packages when you next visit us.

Reference map of the El Yunque main corridor, Hwy. 191 Big Tree Trail Package #1 La Mina Trail Package #2 Caimitillo Trail Package #3 El Yunque Trail Package #4 Mt. Britton Trail Package #5 Bano de Oro Trail Package #6