Mid-Swan Landscape Restoration and Wildland Urban Interface Project

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Page updated: October 13, 2020

Vista of the Swan range from the west, wtih clouds, trees, and snowy mountains

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The purpose of the 174,000-acre landscape-level Mid-Swan Landscape Restoration and Wildland Urban Interface Project (Mid-Swan Project) is two-fold: to restore and maintain key habitat for plant and animal species in light of a changing climate, and to reduce the risk of extreme wildfire adjacent to local communities. The project proposes a variety of forest management activities including fuel reduction, young stand thinning, commercial tree harvest, tree planting, and direct seeding. It also includes road management proposals like building, rerouting, and removing different route segments. Fish barriers would be addressed by removing or upgrading some culverts, and beaver habitat would be improved.

The Mid-Swan project lies in the heart of Swan Valley. The rural community of Condon, MT is just south of the project area. It is home to several native threatened and endangered species including grizzly bear, Canada lynx, wolverine, water howellia, cutthroat trout, and bull trout. It also has wetlands, dense western red cedar groves, open ponderosa pine and western larch stands, and subalpine forests with whitebark pine.

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Mid-Swan Landscape Restoration and Wildland Urban Interface Project Storymap

Explore the Mid-Swan project! This interactive StoryMap provides an overview of the Flathead National Forest Mid-Swan Landscape Restoration and Wildland Urban Interface Project.

Virtual Public Open Houses

Date/Time Meeting Subject How to attend Meeting Recording/Materials
Sept. 23, 2020
6-8 p.m.
Deeper Dive into Environmental Effects Disclosure and Questions and Answers n/a Meeting materials
Sept. 2, 2020
6-8 p.m.
Overview of Project, Purpose and Need and Proposed Activities by Alternative and by Issue n/a Meeting materials