High Schells Wilderness

Acres: 121,497
Elevation: 7,000 – 11,883 feet

The High Schells Wilderness Area is located approximately 30 miles west of Ely, NV.

Getting There
Take Highway 93 North from Ely, NV 18 miles. Turn right at the Duck Creek Valley (State Road 486) turnoff and follow the road through the valley. Access can be gained at East Creek, Timber Creek, Bird Creek Picnic Area, and Berry Creek Campgrounds respectively. Also, take Highways 6/50/93 South from Ely, NV 6 miles to the Cave Lake-Success Loop turnoff and proceed North down this road 10 miles to Success Loop. Access can be gained from the main road, as well as, Water Canyon on the top of the pass. Drive through Cave Lake State Park towards Cave Mountain and access the wilderness from this road as well.

Area Description
The Schell Creek Range contains some of the most dramatic scenery in Eastern Nevada. There are many high peaks over 11,500 ft. with stark windswept ridges. Deep canyons and remote valleys flow from these high ridges, with dramatic limestone cliffs and vast stands of aspen. Ancient Bristlecone pines and equally impressive Limber Pines are present in the higher elevation forests. Opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation abound. Hikers and horseback riders can enjoy the primitive trails and backcountry skiers explore this area in the winter. This mountain range supports diverse wildlife and is an important North-South corridor of uninterrupted wild land. This area is also home to the largest Elk herd in the state of Nevada.

Additional Information
Signs indicating “Wilderness” and “Closed Road” or “Closed Route” are placed at various intervals. Vehicles can be parked outside the wilderness boundary.

Mechanized and motorized vehicles are NOT PERMITTED in a wilderness area.

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are allowed under state and local laws. Pets are allowed, but please keep your pets under control at all times. Horses are permitted, however you may need to carry feed. Certified Weed Free Feed is required for all stock and pack stock on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Removal, disturbance, or attempting to remove archaeological materials is a felony. Selling, receiving, purchasing, transporting, exchanging or offering to do so is prohibited by law.

Camping is permitted and limited to 14 days. Gathering wood for campfires, when permitted, is limited to dead and down material. Live vegetation cannot be cut.

Please help preserve Nevada’s fragile environments, park your vehicle or set up camp in previously used sites, minimize impacts by practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

Contact the Ely Ranger District Office for current weather, road conditions, and hazards.

MapsHigh Schells Wilderness
USGS 7.5 Quadrangle Maps:
Kalamazoo Summit
Kalamazoo Creek
Duck Creek Valley
North Schell Peak
Cleve Creek Baldy
South Schell Peak
Cave Creek
Cave Mountain
Majors Place

Contact Info:
Ely Ranger District Office
Phone: 775-289-3031