White Pine Ranger Wilderness

Acres: 40,013
Elevation: 6,300 - 9,565 feet

The White Pine Range Wilderness Area is located in western White Pine County, approximately 70 miles west of Ely, Nevada.

Getting There
Access to this Wilderness Area is from Ely, West on Highway 6 for 25 miles. Turn right onto the White River Campground road (County Road 1163). Follow county road 1163 to the Ellison Guard Station. Off this road you can access the southeastern corner of the Wilderness Area. This Wilderness Area is also accessed from Highway 50. Follow Highway 50 to Illipah Reservoir. Travel south from the reservoir on County Road 11, to Cathedral Canyon. This accesses the north end of the Wilderness Area. If you follow the road to Ellison Guard Station you can access the Wilderness to the west.

Area Description
This area of the White Pine Range exhibits a varied mix of visual scenery, wildlife, wildflowers and terrain. Rocky canyons and rolling alpine hills dazzle the eye with remarkable contrast. Many springs provide for abundant wildlife and a mix of vegetation. White Fir, Pinyon Pine, Limber Pine and Bristlecone Pine can be found in this remote part of the state.

Additional Information
Signs indicating “Wilderness” and “Closed Road” or “Closed Route” are placed at various intervals. Vehicles can be parked outside the wilderness boundary.

Mechanized and motorized vehicles are NOT PERMITTED in a wilderness area.

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are allowed under state and local laws. Pets are allowed, but please keep your pets under control at all times. Horses are permitted, however you may need to carry feed. Certified Weed Free Feed is required for all stock and pack stock on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Removal, disturbance, or attempting to remove archaeological materials is a felony. Selling, receiving, purchasing, transporting, exchanging or offering to do so is prohibited by law.

Camping is permitted and limited to 14 days. Gathering wood for campfires, when permitted, is limited to dead and down material. Live vegetation cannot be cut.

Please help preserve Nevada’s fragile environments, park your vehicle or set up camp in previously used sites, minimize impacts by practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

Contact the Ely Ranger District Office for current weather, road conditions, and hazards.

USGS 7.5 Quadrangle Maps:
Mount Hamilton
Treasure Hill
Green Springs
Indian Garden Mountain
Duckwater NE
Currant Mountain

1:100,000 Maps:
Mt. Hamilton

Contact Info:
Ely Ranger District Office
Phone: 775-289-3031