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Grant Range Wilderness

Acres: 52,600
Elevation: 6,230 - 11,299 feet

The Grant Range Wilderness Area is located in NW Nye County, approximately 110 miles SW from Ely, Nevada.

Getting There: There are two ways to access the Grant Range Wilderness Area.
1) Leave Ely, NV on Highway 6 traveling west until you reach the 318 turnoff to Lund, NV. Follow State Route 318 for 45 miles and turn right at the Wayne E. Kirch Wildlife Refuge. Follow this dirt road for another 25 miles to FS Road 412 Scofield Canyon.
2) Leave Ely, NV on Highway 6 heading west for approximately 60 miles to the town of Currant, NV. There is a dirt road on the left shortly after the town of Currant. Take this road 27 miles to FS Road 420 Irwin Canyon.

Area Description
Raptors flock to this area which falls away from 11,298-foot Troy Peak to a few firs and bristle cone pines and on down to dryland pinyon-juniper with a sagebrush understory. Hikers won't find any maintained trails, just abandoned four-wheel-drive tracks that extend into the area from the east and west. Water is virtually impossible to find, except when snow melts and runs off from higher elevations. Only a dirt road separates this land from Quinn Canyon Wilderness to the south. Few people ever explore this region of central Nevada, although it is relatively easy to get to the high country.

Additional Information
Signs indicating “Wilderness” and “Closed Road” or “Closed Route” are placed at various intervals. Vehicles can be parked outside the wilderness boundary.

Mechanized and motorized vehicles are NOT PERMITTED in a wilderness area.

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are allowed under state and local laws. Pets are allowed, but please keep your pets under control at all times. Horses are permitted, however you may need to carry feed. Certified Weed Free Feed is required for stock and pack stock on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Removal, disturbance, or attempting to remove archaeological materials is a felony. Selling, receiving, purchasing, transporting, exchanging or offering to do so is prohibited by law.

Camping is permitted and limited to 14 days. Gathering wood for campfires, when permitted, is limited to dead and down material. Live vegetation cannot be cut.

Please help preserve Nevada’s fragile environments, park your vehicle or set up camp in previously used sites, minimize impacts by practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

Contact the Ely Ranger District Office for current weather, road conditions, and hazards.

USGS 7.5 Quadrangle Maps:
Heath Canyon
Troy Canyon
Horse Spring Hills
Water Gap NW

Contact Info:
Ely Ranger District Office
Phone: 775-289-3031