Jarbidge Wilderness

Jarbidge Wilderness is tucked into the northeast corner of Nevada on the north edge of the Great Basin. Its isolated location makes it very remote. Elevations range from cool desert at approximately 5,000 feet to towering peaks well over 10,000 feet. The wide range of elevations make the Jarbidge Wilderness a display of various wildlife and vegetation. Lower elevations can be accessed as early as April, but snow lingers in the higher elevations into July.

The headwaters of the Jarbidge River begin in the wilderness and flow north into the Snake River and eventually to the Pacific Ocean. The southern drainages from the Jarbidge, such as Mary’s River, flow south into the Great Basin with no outlet.


Around 170 miles of trail can be accessed from several trailheads. The main trailheads are Snow Slide Gulch, Slide Creek, Camp Draw, Seventy Six Creek, and Three Day Creek. Access is mainly on improved dirt roads with some access points 4-wheel drive only.

Maps and trail information are available at the Jarbidge or Ruby Mountain Ranger Station.

Nearest Nevada Town: Jarbidge

Special Information

Maximum Group: 75 persons

Permits: None Required