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Developed on Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform, story maps are stand-alone web-based resources that lead a viewer through a narrative through an interface that can combine maps, text, videos, photos, and other media with templates, map interfaces, and navigation devices designed by Esri. Though the story itself may be linear, GIS-based map layers add multiple dimensions, allowing users to interactively find information for the locations they’re most interested in. The Institute will be developing story maps in both English and Spanish.

Conozca los programas de incentivos del USDA en el Caribe

El Centro Climático del Caribe para la Agricultura y Silvicultura Tropical (CCH) presenta este Story Map que explica cómo acceder a los recursos técnicos y financieros que ofrecen las agencias del USDA para agricultores, ganaderos y dueños de fincas privadas.

Source: Caribbean Climate Hub

Get to Know the USDA's Incentive Programs in the Caribbean

At the Caribbean Climate Hub for Tropical Agriculture and Forestry (CCH), we present this Story Map to explain how to access technical and financial resources that USDA agencies offer to farmers, ranchers, and private landowners.

Source: Caribbean Climate Hub

Exploremos la labor del USDA en el Caribe

En esta historia describimos cuál es la labor de las agencias del Departamento de Agricultura de los EEUU que proveen asistencia a las comunidades agrícolas y forestales en Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes.

Source: Caribbean Climate Hub

Exploring the USDA's Work in the Caribbean

Here we describe the work of the many United States Department of Agriculture agencies that provide assistance to agricultural and forestry communities in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Source: Caribbean Climate Hub

For more information about Forest Service story maps view the USDA Forest Service Story Map Engagement Portfolio [Opens in New Window]

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