Research Maps

The U.S. Forest Service Research Map series is a national publication series patterned after the Forest Service General Technical Report (GTR) series to convey new geospatial information derived from Forest Service research. The maps in this research series are peer reviewed by at least 3 sources, with at least one source from outside the agency. The Maps developed at the Institute are all published in English and Spanish. The Institute published its first research map in 2008.

IITF RMAP 01 English

Title Urban and rural land use in Puerto Rico.

Year 2008

IITF RMAP 01 Spanish

Título Uso de terreno urbano y rural en Puerto Rico.

Año 2008

IITF RMAP 02 English

Title Protected Natural Areas of Puerto Rico.

Year 2011

IITF RMAP 02 Spanish

Título Areas naturales protegidas de Puerto Rico.

Año 2011

IITF RMAP 03 English

Title Spatial analysis of Puerto Rico's terrestrial protected areas.

Year 2013

IITF RMAP 03 Spanish

Título Analisis espacial de las areas protegidas terrestres de Puerto Rico.

Año 2013

IITF RMAP 06 English

Title Landscape units of Puerto Rico: influence of climate, substrate, and topography.

Year 2008

IITF RMAP 06 Spanish

Título Unidades del paisaje de Puerto Rico: la influencia del clima, el substrato y la topografia.

Año 2008

IITF RMAP 10 English

Title Developed land cover of Puerto Rico.

Year 2008

IITF RMAP 10 Spanish

Título Cobertura desarrollada de Puerto Rico.

Año 2008

IITF RMAP 11 English

Title High and low density development in Puerto Rico.

Year 2008

IITF RMAP 11 Spanish

Título Densidad de desarrollo alta y baja en Puerto Rico.

Año 2008

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