IITF RMAP 02 English

Title: Protected Natural Areas of Puerto Rico

Type: Research Map (RMAP)

Year: 2011

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Description: Protection of natural areas is essential to conserving biodiversity and maintaining ecosystem services. Benefits and services provided by natural areas are complex, interwoven, life-sustaining, and necessary for a healthy environment and a sustainable future (Daily et al. 1997). They include clean water and air, sustainable wildlife populations and habitats, stable slopes, productive soils, genetic reservoirs, recreational opportunities, and spiritual refugia. These are benefits that cannot be replaced by existing technology (Cohen and Tilman 1996, Daily et al. 1997). To best use our natural heritage, natural lands management and protection designation should be based on sound scientific information provided by research and experience. Social and historical factors, sustainable uses, existing conditions, restoration potential, and future scenarios should be considered to assure continued benefits, a good quality of life, and economic stability for the communities that depend on ecosystem services provided by natural areas.

Suggested Citation: Gould, William A.; Quinones, Maya; Solorzano, Mariano; Alcobas, Waldemar; Alarcon, Caryl. 2011. Protected Natural Areas of Puerto Rico. 1: 240,000. Res. Map IITF-RMAP-02. Rio Piedras, PR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry.

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