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Conservation Education

The Conservation Education Program works with partners to coordinate the development and delivery of high-quality, science-based education about forests, grasslands and related natural resources for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students and their educators, in both formal and informal settings.

Virutal Resources in 2020

In 2020 the Conservation Education Program (CEP) went virtual. In collaboration with the El Yunque National Forest (EYNF) Rangers, the CEP developed a series of video Ranger talks. In total 104 videos were broadcast in spanish, english and bilingual formats. These videos reached 13,000 people with topics ranging from the nocturnal sounds of the EYNF, how the EYNF became a rainforest, historic hikes through the forest, and a musical series to help you relax and become inspired by the scenic landscape of the rainforest.

The State and Private Forestry Program works with partners in both the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to promote educational programs that:

  1. Are founded in science.
  2. Promote the concept of “systems thinking,” for students to recognize their role in natural surroundings.
  3. Foster a land ethic amongst students and their educators.

Future Scientists & Outdoor Classrooms

The Conservation Education program integrates research and conservation in the tropics as a strategy to attract students to science and ecological fields.

More from the Conservation Education Program

Project Learning Tree

The Institute partnered with the Puerto Rican Department of Natural and Environmental Resources to sponsor the Project Learning Tree program for the first time in Puerto Rico.

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Conservation and Resource Management Education

Environmental Interpretation, the Green Contact Program and the Guide for Safer Trees in the Landscape.

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Forest Field Days at Estate Thomas

Forest Field Days, an environmental education program for fourth grade students that began in 2013.

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For more information about the Conservation Education Program please contact:

State and Private Forestry Program Manager: Magaly Figueroa

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