Outdoor Safety & Ethics

Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep

Photo by California Department of Fish and WildlifeVisitors entering or passing near Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep habitat should take extra care to protect these endangered animals. To learn more about the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website at: https://www.dfg.ca.gov/snbs/NaturalHistoryHome.html 

Observe bighorn sheep from a distance. Do not follow or approach them. Dogs should be on leash and under control. Pack goats should not be used in sheep habitat areas.

Bighorn sheep are susceptible to diseases transmitted by domestic sheep and goats. In order to support the recovery of the bighorn sheep, pack goats should not be used in areas identified as Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep critical habitat.  A current project is underway to identify where pack goats can be used without risking the health of the bighorn sheep. More…

Look for Appendix A and B for detailed maps regarding use of pack goats in the draft plan.