Personal Use Firewood Permit

[Graphic]: Sign denoting Firewood Cutting Area.Mail in Personal Firewood Permit

Permits can be purchased that allow you to cut firewood on the Lassen National Forest. Permits are for noncommercial, personal use only. Cost of firewood permits for 2023 are $20.00 for 10 cords. The fuelwood permits are only good for cutting on the Lassen National Forest. If you need permits to cut on the Plumas National Forest please call them at 530-283-2050 or visit their website.

Permit tags are sold with a map of the forest and firewood cutting regulations. It is important to point out that the Plumas has different restrictions than the Lassen and the Plumas firewood map has those restrictions printed on it.

The Lassen would like to remind wood cutters of the following points of importance:

  • Falling Snags - Falling dead trees within 100 feet of a paved road or within 200 feet of a railroad or power lines is prohibited.
  • Dead hardwood trees may not be felled anywhere.
  • Diameter Limits - With the exception of lodgepole pine, the falling of snags is limited to trees 20 inches in diameter or smaller.
  • Downed Trees - No restrictions, unless otherwise signed or marked.
  • Third Party Permits - An individual may be a cutter or transporter for up to two 3rd party permits per year.
  • Gathering fuelwood in the Dixie Closure area is prohibited.
  • Please use marked Forest Service roads when searching for fuelwood.

Complete Fuelwood Cutting Requirements

View Lassen 2017-2018 Woodcutting Map

Firewood cutters are recommended to contact their local Ranger District offices for information regarding forest road closures during winter months or fire restrictions banning firewood cutting temporarily during fire season.

For permits and additional information or for commercial firewood cutting information, please visit the nearest Lassen National Forest Ranger District Office.

*Note: The Forest Supervisors office in Susanville, does not sell Firewood Permits. The closest office is the Eagle Lake District Office at the top of the hill north of town. Please call us with questions. 530-257-2151.