Berries, Mushrooms, Seedlings

[photo] Huckleberry on a stem with leaves.
Gathering huckleberries is a popular summertime activity.

Collecting Other Forest Items

People enjoy collecting mushrooms, berries, seedlings and other items from National Forest land. 

In order become familiar with the rules, it is always best to check with the Lolo National Forest Supervisor's Office before gathering/collecting items from Forest land. 

The Lolo National Forest does not require a permit for recreational huckleberry picking up to 10 gallons per season. Please take care not to damage huckleberry plants while harvesting berries.  Commercial permits are not being issued at this time.

A transplant permit is required for the harvest of ornamental shrubs and trees on Forest land.  The species permitted for harvest are Lodgepole Pine, Englemann Spruce, Douglas Fir, Subalpine Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Western Larch, Grand Fir, Ninebark, Snowberry, Menziesia, Buffaloberry, Common Juniper, White Spirea and Bitterbrush.  Permits are available for a charge from Lolo National Forest offices.

2016 Permits and Fees

Types of Use:

INCIDENTAL USE allows for the picking of up to five gallons (about two grocery bags) of mushrooms or less for the season. No permit is required. No more than one gallon of mushrooms is allowed in a harvester’s possession each day.

PERSONAL USE PERMITS allows for the harvest of up to 20 gallons for the season. There is no fee for a personal use permit and the permit is valid for the 2016 season only.

Incidental Use and Personal Use mushrooms must be cut in half lengthwise to render them unsuitable for commercial sale.