Lolo National Forest Interagency Hotshot Crew

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The primary mission of the Lolo IHC (Interagency Hotshot Crew) is to provide a safe, organized, mobile, highly trained Type 1 handcrew resource that is skilled and experienced in all aspects of wildland fire management, fire use, and is experienced with a variety of other forest and recreation management skills.


Photo of two people with torches.
The crew burns out along the highway on the Willow Fire, Payson, Arizona 2004

Hotshots typically carry packs up to 45 pounds, carry and use handtools and chainsaws, work shifts that average 14 to 16 hours, hike through rugged terrain, and enjoy it!

The Lolo Hotshots were founded in 1961. One of the first organized crews in the United States. The crew is based in Missoula, Montana.

Photo of people around a sand table.
The crew goes over a sand table exercise in training.

The crew receives 80 hours of initial or refresher training annually. This may include a combination of class work and field exercises designed to prepare the crew for expected and unexpected fire and all-risk assignments. This training is accomplished prior to the crew being available for a fire assignment. Training will include, but is not limited to, firefighter safety, fire behavior, "Standards for Survival," communications, and organization. Critical training helps establish skills and knowledge that allow the crew to become cohesive and perform safely in the wildland fire environment.