Thomas Fire Burn Area Emergency Response Team (BAER) ReportĀ 

The US Forest Service Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team’s purpose is to assess threats to life, property, and cultural and natural resources from fire-induced changes to the watershed that can cause erosion, sedimentation, flooding, and debris flows. The BAER team has completed their reports which provide a synopsis of BAER findings and the Forest Service’s internal request for implementation funding to treat values at risk on Forest Service lands only.  Also included are technical reports that were provided to the Santa Barbara and Ventura Offices of Emergency Management. The information generated by the BAER team is crucial for further analysis by other agencies affected by the fire to examine off-Forest values at risk within their jurisdiction. Pre-rain mitigation treatments on non-Forest lands are the responsibility of the managers and owners of those values, but the Forest Service will cooperate with other agencies to implement treatments if they must occur on lands managed by the Forest Service.