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Penny Pines Reforestation Program

[Photograph]: Hand planting tree seedlings.The national forests in California cover some 20 million acres, or about 1/5 of the state. That is equal to an area just slightly larger than the state of South Carolina . Stretching from the Mexican border to Oregon, these forests include a variety of terrain and vegetation types. These areas of great beauty and majestic stature are plagued by divesting problems, such as natural and man-caused fire, pests and disease. These cause vast depletion and destruction of the national forests in California.

After large wildland fires, areas across the forest may need to be restored.As destructive as fires are, disease and insect infestation destroy seven times more forest vegetation annually than fires because forests pests are scattered and not easily detected, so are harder to control.

In time some land may recover naturally. Penny Pines provides a helping hand. It is a conservation program in which everyone can participate.

History of the Penny Pines Reforestation Program

In 1941, California's first Penny Pines plantation was sponsored by the San Francisco Sportswomens' Association.

Recognizing the great need to restore these devastated areas, the Association sent their donation to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in northern California.

Since that contribution, the number of participating groups and individuals has grown each year. They include such organizations as the Garden and Womens' Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, civic and sportsmens clubs, and many others.

Why the Penny Pines donation is $68.00

At the start of the program in 1941, seedlings could be produced for about one cent each. Approximately 680 seedlings were used to plant a typical acre. For $68.00, seedlings for ten acres could be purchased. Site preparation and planting costs were met through regular Forest Service appropriations.

The Penny Pines program was so successful that money contributed to purchase seedlings soon far exceeded appropriated funds available for site preparation and for the actual planting job.

In 1964, the original cooperative agreement was rewritten to provide that funds contributed under the Penny Pines program be used for reforestation, rather than solely for purchasing seedlings.

How Penny Pines helps the National Forest

As a result of past forest fires, thousands of acres of potential forest land on the National Forests in California is now brush-covered. Once the land is brush-covered, trees grow back slowly - if at all. To accelerate reforestation, brush must be removed, the sites prepared, and seedlings planted.

Over the last 20 years, wildfires have burned an average of 100,000 acres of National Forest land in California each year. Fortunately, natural reseeding occurs on some of this burned land, but much of it must be replanted.

The present Forest Service program for replanting brushfields and recently burned areas can only accomplish a small part of what is needed to do the job. Current appropriations allow the planting of only some 14,000 acres a year. At this rate it would take more than 16 years to plant this unproductive land.

How to make donations to the Penny Pines program

Contributions must be in multiples of $68 or more. 
A certificate of appreciation and thank you note is sent to each donor.
Your donation to the Penny Pines Project will help bring new life into your National Forest!

Please support the program by mailing your tax-deductible contribution to:

Mendocino National Forest
825 North Humboldt Avenue
Willows, Ca.  95988
Attn: Penny Pines Coordinator

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First and Last name: _____________________________________________

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Please write the name(s) of whom you would like on the certificate dedicated to.

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Mailing Address (Where the certificate and letter from Forest Supervisor is sent)
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Please make checks payable to: USDA Forest Service

For questions please call 530-934-3316