Forest Products Permits


Anyone cutting firewood on the forest is required to have a valid firewood permit with load tags, firewood cutting map, and a current information sheet. Permit applications should be submitted by email or mail. Fill out the Firewood Permit Application Form & email it to the address on the form.  You will receive your free permit, load tags, map, & info sheet in the mail

We are currently experiencing a surge of applications! We are processing permits as quickly as we can, but please allow 2 weeks for mailing and processing time. Thanks for your patience!

As a community service during the pandemic, firewood permits will be free in 2021. Households may harvest up to 6 cords annually. 


Maps & info also provided with permit purchase.

Most of the west side is closed to firewood cutting in 2021 due to wildfire damage and repair work.

Firewood on the Zigzag Ranger District is by Special Request only.

Personal Use Firewood Cutting Permits

Personal Use Firewood Cutting Permits are now requested online. Your free permit will be mailed to you.  Allow up to 2 weeks for processing and mail.

  • In 2021 personal use firewood permits will be free, but all woodcutters must have a valid permit.
  • The yearly cutting limit per household is 6 cords. View the cord illustration here
  • Most of the west side of the forest will be closed to forest products in 2021 due to wildfire closures and pre-existing restrictions in the Zigzag Ranger District. Entering a fire closure area is prohibited.
  • Firewood cutting areas are described on the firewood cutting map and information sheets. You are required to have a current information sheet with your permit while cutting. Information sheets change regularly and show the status of each area. Information sheets are posted at Ranger Stations and this website.
  • Firewood cutters must have screen type spark arrestors on their chainsaws, carry a pressurized chemical fire extinguisher not less than 8 ounces, and a long handled shovel with an 8-inch blade.
  • Before heading into the forest, call your nearest Ranger Station for up-to-date information on supply and road conditions.
  • Product Quantity Removal Record and Tag Validation Example
  • Clearing Limits of Road Prism Examples
  • The Forest Service uses four industrial fire precaution levels (IFPL) to reduce the likelihood of wildfires by regulating work activities in the forest, including firewood cutting. The most updated IFPL information is available by calling (503)-668-1650.  IFPL Diagram
  • Forest Roads may have trees or debris on them. Drive with caution.

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