Resource Management

2013 Prospectus Plan

Mark Twain National Forest is looking for campground managers to operate nine national forest campgrounds, their associated recreation areas, and one rental cabin. Most of these sites have been operated by the Forest and have had volunteer campground hosts assisting with operations and maintenance.  "Concessionaire campground managers that have the responsibility for one or two campgrounds are able to spend more time in the campgrounds and are more available to campers than Forest Service employees,” said Bill Nightingale Mark Twain National Forest, Forest Supervisor.  “This is an opportunity to team up with private individuals or companies to provide quality recreation settings."

Under the terms of the prospectus available from Mark Twain National Forest’s Supervisors Office in Rolla, Missouri, the Forest Service is seeking proposals from potential recreation managers to operate and maintain one or more of the ten recreation sites.

Anyone interested in being a Mark Twain National Forest recreation manager, or concessionaire, should submit proposals by close of business January 29, 2014. Approved managers will start operations no later than May 15, 2014.

2016 Mark Twain Prospectus Amendment

The Mark Twain is re-advertising 2 portions of the 2013 Campground prospectus. We are soliciting proposal for Red Bluff Campground. The pertinent appendixes (appendix 8) have been updated, as well as the date that proposal packages must be submitted.

Proposals must be submitted by close of business on January 5, 2016. Approved managers will start operations no later than May 15, 2016.

The site visit for Red Bluff Campground has been scheduled for November 14, 2015 at 10:00am, meeting at the Red Bluff campground host site.

Further inquiries related to the Red Bluff Campground can be directed to Timothy Eash or Bill Andersen, 573-438-5427, at the Potosi/Fredericktown Ranger District.

2013 Prospectus (4.9mb pdf format) for Campground and Related Granger-Thye Concessions Mark Twain National Forest is broken down by section below.

  • Base Document(496 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 1 Cobb Ridge(717 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 2 Greer Crossing (646 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 3 Lane Spring (686 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 4 Loggers Lake (248 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 5 Marble Creek (278 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 6 Markham Springs (122 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 7 North Fork (204 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 8 Red Bluff (115 kb pdf format) 2016 Amendment
  • Appendix 9 Sinkin Creek Cabin (167 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 10 Watercress (2.2 mb pdf format)
  • Appendix 11 Law Enforcement, Applicable Forest Orders, Rules for Visitors and Sample House Rules (96 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 12 Sample Use Report (25 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 13 Customer Service Comment Cards (33 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 14 Standard Performance Evaluation Form (47 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 15 Sample Annual Operating Plan Outline & Plan(43 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 16 FS-2700-4h, Special-Use Permit for Campground and Related Granger-Thye Concessions (175 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 17 Granger-Thye Fee Offset Information, Forms & Samples and Granger-Thye Indirect Cost Reimbursement LetterGranger-Thye Concessions (151 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 18 Maintenance & Reconditioning Work (37 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 19 Business Plan Requirements & Sample Business Plan (136 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 20 FS-6500-24, Financial Statement FS-6500-25, Request for Verification(121 kb pdf format)
  • Appendix 21 National and Eastern Region Quality Standards for Recreation Site Management (formerly Meaningful Measures) (67 kb pdf format)