Houston and Rolla Area

Area Map containing the site locations is located (below) along with the (Icon Key).

Forest Service Facility

  1. Big Piney Trail Camp picnic icon restroom icon horseback icon hiking icon Photo icon trailhead icon
  2. Cole Creek horseback icon trailhead icon bike icon hiking icon
  3. Dry Branch camping icon non motor boat icon fishing icon
  4. East Gate non motor boat icon
  5. Kaintuck Hollow horseback icon bike icon hiking icon
  6. Lane Springs picnic icon pavilion icon hiking icon fishing icon restroom icon camp icon drinking water icon Photo icon trailhead icon
  7. Mill Creek drinking water icon hiking icon fishing icon
  8. Slabtown non motor boat icon hiking icon fishing icon
  9. Paddy Creek Wilderness horseback icon hiking icon
  10. Paddy Creek Recreation Area hiking icon fishing icon restroom icon camp icon Photo icon  trailhead icon
  11. Roby Lake hiking icon fishing icon restroom icon non motor boat icon horseback icon
  12. Stone Mill Spring hiking icon fishing icon restroom icon  picnic icon

Non-Forest Service Facility

  1. Beaver Creek handicap icon restroom icon picnic icon hiking icon fishing icon boatlaunch icon camping icon
  2. Boiling Springs handicap icon picnic icon restroom icon fishing icon boatlaunch icon non motor boat icon
  3. Buzzard Bluff Access boatlaunch icon fishing icon picnic icon non motor boat icon camping icon fishing icon
  4. Davis Ford Access boatlaunch icon fishing icon non motor boat icon
  5. Dogs Bluff handicap icon restroom icon boatlaunch icon fishing icon non motor boat icon picnic icon
  6. Drynob Access boatlaunch icon fishing icon non motor boat icon
  7. Gasconade Hills fishing icon
  8. George White Nursery 
  9. Hazelgreen Access boatlaunch icon fishing icon  non motor boat icon
  10. Horseshoe Bend State Natural Area boatlaunch icon fishing icon  non motor boat icon
  11. Mason Bridge fishing icon non motor boat icon
  12. Mineral Spring boatlaunch icon fishing icon non motor boat icon
  13. Mitschele Access fishing icon boatlaunch icon non motor boat icon
  14. Piney River Narrows Natural Area fishing icon
  15. Peter A Eck  (Conservation Area) fishing icon hiking icon
  16. Riddle Bridge Access fishing icon boatlaunch icon non motor boat icon restroom icon
  17. Ross Access fishing icon non motor boat icon
  18. Roubidoux Creek CA fishing iconhiking icon
  19. Schlicht Springs Access handicap icon restroom icon boatlaunch icon fishing icon non motor boat icon camping icon
  20. Waynesville (Laughlin/Roubidoux Parks) handicap icon restroom icon fishing icon picnic icon pavilion icon

Houston and Rolla Area Recreational Opportunities

(link) Riddle Bridge Access (link) Gasconade Hills (link) Waynesville Laughin Roubidoux Parks (link) Roubidoux Creek (link) Schlicht Spring Access (link) Kaintuck Hollow (link) Beaver Creek (link) Mitschele Access (link) Lane Springs (link) Mill Creek (link) East Gate (link) Stone Mill Spring (link) Hazelgreen Access (link) Davis Ford Access (link) Drynob Access (link) Cole Creek (link) Ross Access (link) Dry Branch (link) Peter A Eck (link) George White Nursery (link) Big Piney Trail Camp (link) Slabtown (link) Paddy Creek Recreation Area (link) Paddy Creek Wilderness (link) Roby Lake (link) Mason Bridge (link) Boiling Springs (link) Horseshoe Bend State Natural Area (link) Mineral Spring (link) Dogs Bluff (link) Piney River Narrows Natural Area (link) Buzzard Bluff Access

Icon Key
drinking water icon = Drinking Water
trail head icon = Trailhead
camping icon = Camping
fishing icon = Fishing
picnic icon = Picnic
handicap icon = Accessible
restroom icon = Restroom
boatlaunch icon = Boat Launch
non motor boat icon = Non Motor Boat
hiking icon = Hiking
horseback icon = Horseback
bike icon = Bike
dispersed camping icon = dispersed camping permitted
interpretive icon = interpretive signs
Photo icon = Photo opportunities