Summer Jobs 2019

Forest Service employees montageHow to apply for 2019 Summer Employment with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

The information below is available in a 2-page brochure PDF –

Summer Jobs or Trabajos de Verano

Vacancy announcements will be posted on USAJobs website on September 17. Applications will be accepted September 17 through October 12, 2018. Important dates to pay attention to in the hiring process:

September 17 through October 12, 2018... All Vacancy Announcements open in USAJobs

Mid-April – July 30, 2019... Range of effective employment start dates

Key Websites...  USAJobs and Pacific Northwest Seasonal Hiring

Interactive Map of Summer Jobs

More Information at Region 6 Jobs site

Start Here

The most important steps to working for the U.S. Forest Service in 2019 are applying online at USAjobs and following up afterward. 

Step 1
Create an account at 
Step 2

Know your announcement number (see Summer Jobs brochure)

Step 3

Apply online — September 17 through October 12, 2018

Step 4

Upload documents 

Step 5

Complete USFS Core Eligibility Questions 

Step 6

Select GS grade, series, location preferences 

Step 7

Complete Minimum Qualifications 

Step 8

Complete Assessment Questions 

Step 9

Review & submit your application! 

Step 10

Follow up by calling your potential future supervisor