The Feather River

Kayak The Feather RiverThe Middle Fork of the Feather River was one of the first nationally designated wild and scenic rivers. The river runs from its headwaters near Beckwourth to Lake Oroville, and has three zones: recreation, scenic, and wild. Any part of the river in this canyon may be rugged and difficult to access.

In the wild zone, precipitous cliffs, waterfalls, and huge boulders discourage most people trying to float or hike. While the scenic zones are less rugged, they still require great preparation and caution. The Middle Fork is made up of the following areas:

Bald Rock Canyon Wild River Zone
Extends from Lake Oroville (900') upstream for about 5.4 miles, through Bald Rock Canyon to the junction of an unnamed drainage on the east side of the river about 7 miles south of Milsap Bar Campground.

Milsap Bar Scenic River Zone
Approximately 3.6 miles long, extending from the upper limit of Bald Rock Canyon Wild River Zone upstream to the junction with a small unnamed drainage about 5 miles east of Devil's Gulch.

Upper Canyon Wild River Zone
Reaches from the upstream end of the Milsap Bar scenic river zone (1,700') through Devil Canyon and Franklin Canyon for about 27.5 miles, to the junction of river and Nelson Creek (3,800').

English Bar Scenic River Zone
Extends upstream from the junction of Nelson Creek and the river for 6.1 miles, to the vicinity of the Spring Garden railroad tunnel.

Recreational River Zone
Includes the area from the railroad tunnel (4,000') upstream for 50.4 miles past the communities of Sloat, Mohawk, Blairsden, Graeagle and Clio, and Portola to Beckwourth.