Recreation Concessionaire Prospectus

2019 Pike and San Isabel National Forests Prospectus

Show Me Trip Itinerary, June 17-21, 2019


Appendix   1:  Vicinity and Area Maps
             Designated Dispersed South Platte
             Map all 3 packages
             Package 1
             Package 2
             Package 3
             2019 PSICC State Map
Appendix   2:  Maps of Developed Recreation Sites
            Leadville Site Plans
            Pikes Peak Site Plans
            Salida Site Plans
            San Carlos Site Plans
            South Park Site Plans
            South Platte Site Plans
Appendix   3:  Inventory of Government-Furnished Property
Appendix   4:  Applicable Forest Orders
Appendix   5:  Sample Use Report
Appendix   6:  Sample Customer Service Comment Card
Appendix   7:  Standard Performance Evaluation Form
       Appendix   8:  FSM 2342.1, Exhibit 01, Law Enforcement at Concession Campground
       Appendix  9:   Sample Annual Operating Plan
       Appendix 10:  FS-2700-4h, Special Use Permit for Campground and Related GT Concessions
       and Appendix 10F, Operation of Federally Owned Water Systems 
       Appendix 11:  FS-2700-4h, Appendix B, Granger-Thye Fee Offset Agreement
       Appendix 12:  Potential Government Maintenance, Reconditioning and Improvement Projects
       Appendix 13:  Indirect Cost Reimbursement Letter
       Appendix 14:  FS-2700-4h, Appendix G, Claim Certification
       Appendix 15:  Sample Collection Agreement for Granger-Thye Fee Offset Work
       Appendix 16:  Sample Business Plan
       Appendix 17:  FS-6500-24, Financial Statement
       Appendix 18:  FS-6500-25, Request for Verification
       Appendix 19: National Quality Standards
       Appendix 20: Water Testing
       Appendix 21:  Engineering Specifications and Requirements
                   Roads Expectations
                   Facilities Expectations
       Appendix 24: Sample ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance